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     Which Salex Product Should I Use?

  • Newborn babies and small children that do not like a spray
    Use Salex Saline DropSpray, this bottle can dispense one drop at a time if held upside down.
  • Toddlers to 12 year old
    Use the Salex Paediatric Metered Spray, this very gentle spray, with an ergonomically designed nozzle has a controlled volume and pressure which will not scare the child. One can also use the Salex DropSpray in the vertical position, as a spray.
  • Adults
    Use the Salex Metered Spray, or Salex DropSpray, held vertically. The Metered Spray has a controlled volume and pressure, and Salex DropSpray has a pressure regulated by the force the bottle is squeezed

Salex Saline

Nasal Sprays

Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Approved for use by Drug Free Sport South Africa

Salex DropSpray can drop or spray

Salex DropSpray when held vertically can spray. When held upside down it will dispense one drop at a time.

Drops are used for newborns and babies.

Who can use it

Safe for all ages from newborn to adult

A Saline Nasal Spray for all ages


  • Salex is a range of products that contain saline (Sodium Chloride).
  • These products are used to treat and prevent conditions such as the common cold, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, hayfever, nasal congestion, acute and chronic sinusitis and other nasal problems such as snoring.
  • Salex can be used on a daily basis without any risk of addiction or damaging the nasal mucosa. By keeping the nasal mucosa moisturised Salex ensures the correct functioning of the entire nasal passage system.

Blocked Nose? Rather Salex Than Sorry