How to use a nasal spray

  • Blow your nose and shake the bottle.
  • Tilt your head forward.(see image)
  • Hold the spray bottle upright.
  • Insert the tip of the spray bottle just inside one nostril. Close the other nostril with your other hand, and apply one or two sprays as prescribed.
  • Breathe in as you spray (but do not sniff hard as the spray then travels past the nose to the throat).
  • Do not angle the nozzle towards the middle or side of the nose, but straight up. With your head tilted forward, the spray should go to the back of your nose.

Salex Advice and Tips

Four positions that can be used when using

Salex SSR Saline Sinus Rinse

Special Precautions when using Salex SSR Saline Sinus Rinse:

  • Do not use BOILING WATER, use freshly boiled and cooled tap water, or distilled water.

   Using warm water (body temperature)  is more effective

  • Discard any left-over solution after rinsing as Salex SSR does not contain any preservatives

  • Rinse the bottle and nozzle before storing
  • Use of container by more than one person, can spread infection

Using different positions when administering Salex SSR Saline Sinus Rinse, helps to reach different sinus compartments.

Position 1

Leaning over the Basin - head tilted forward. Use normal rinsing method

Position 2

Leaning over the Basin - head tilted to the side. Use normal rinsing method

Position 3

Lie on your back on a bed or couch.
• Tilt your head backwards (preferably below the level of the torso)
• Fill up either one or both nostrils with Salex SSR solution.
• Hold this position for a few minutes.
• Hold a tissue to your nose.
• Sit up and blow your nose gently.

Position 4

Kneel on the floor with your forehead touching the floor.
• Gently squirt 100ml Salex Saline Sinus Rinse solution into each nostril while kneeling over.
• Wait for about 1 minute and sit up to blow your nose gently using a tissue.

Normal Rinsing Method ( Positions 1 and 2)
• Open your mouth and press the nozzle upwards against the nostril furthest from the basin so the nozzle fits comfortably in the nostril.
• Gently squeeze the bottle until the contents drain from your other nostril, some solution might drain from your mouth as well.
• Squeeze a few times until 100ml has been used. Repeat with the other nostril.
• After rinsing, gently blow your nose.
• Do not block nostrils completely to avoid damaging the eardrums.

If you have allergies, ways to reduce your triggers may include:

  • Covering your mattresses and pillowcases with dust mite proof covers​
  • ​​Washing all sheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers often in hot water
  • Using special HEPA air filters in your home
  • ​​Dusting and vacuuming regularly

How to prevent a Post Nasal Drip

  • Keeping the mucous thin helps prevent blockages in the ears and sinuses, which can lead to infections. A simple remedy to thin mucous is to drink more water.
  • Using saline nasal sprays or nasal irrigation to flush excess mucous, bacteria, allergens, and other irritating substances out of the sinuses
  • Turning on a vaporizer or humidifier to increase the moisture in the air
  • Try propping up your pillows at night so that the mucous doesn't pool or collect in the back of your throat.

These positions allow nasal medications to penetrate into the sinuses (highlighted in green in the right-hand column). To give the medications, get into the position shown and put the medication into the nose. Stay in the position for the amount of time specified by your healthcare provider. It is best to treat the frontal and ethmoid sinuses first, and then roll on your side into position to treat the maxillary sinus. After that, roll on your back to treat the sphenoid sinus. In this way, all the sinuses on one side are treated with a single application of the nasal medication. Start by giving the medications on the right side (frontal and ethmoid, then maxillary, then sphenoid), then repeat the entire procedure on the left side (frontal and ethmoid, then maxillary, then sphenoid).